What’s the best way to capture motion using your camera on Plask?

Your next animation begins with our easy motion capture

Plask helps you create professional-quality animation with ease. However, there are a few best practices to follow when it comes to capturing motion with your video.

To ensure the best animation possible, it all starts with quality in your motion capture. To get the best capture, follow these guidelines:

  1. Only the poses of people in the video can be recognized. Our software recognizes the human form only, so capturing the movement of other objects for animation won’t work with Plask.
  2. Include the full body of the person. When capturing movement, make sure you have a full body shot of your subject in all possible scenes that you want to animate. This will give you more flexibility for animation later
  3. The recommended minimum resolution for the video is 720p. If the video resolution is smaller than 720p, the motion capture quality may be affected.
  4. Make sure the person in your video is clear. To ensure the accuracy of the motion you are recording, make sure the person doesn’t blend in with your background. Make sure no limbs stick out of the shot, we recommend that there is a margin of space surrounding the body in your full-body shot.
  5. Watch your angles. When recording, make sure you are recording the person’s motion straight on. Recording from an upward or downward angle is going to affect your animation results later.
  6. Set your FPS to at least 30. The recommended frames per second (FPS) for ideal motion capture is 30. That means for every second of video, there will be 30 frames.
  7. Make sure your video format, size, and length are supported. Currently, Plask only supports mp4 and webm videos, 500 megabytes or less, and between 5 seconds and 2 minutes in length.

Following these simple guidelines will ensure you have the best motion capture to create the desired animation effect.

For the Multi-person feature, there are more things to keep in mind while following the guide above.

  1. Extract the motion of multiple people at once, including sports, dance, and action shots with a static camera
  2. There should be no sections where people overlap. If people are overlapped, The motion may be inaccurate or erroneous.
  3. Less than 10 people. For optimized performance, we recommended a video with less than 10 people.
  4. The recommended minimum resolution for the video is 720p. If the video resolution is smaller than 720p, it may affect the motion capture quality.
  5. Under 1000 frames of video and less than 1 minute in length.
    Entire frames = video duration(s) x video frame rate(fps)