1. API Documentation
  2. Motion Capture WebSocket API documentation

Upload video files and capture motion

  1. Sends socket message to the GetUploadUrl and returns the following.
    1. “uploadUrl”
    2. “headers”
    3. “fileKey”
  2. Upload a video file using the following parameters.
    1. HTTP Method: PUT
    2. Header
      1. ‘x-amz-tagging’: ‘state=uploaded’
    3. URL: upload url
    4. body<binary>: video file
  3. Sends socket message to the ExtractMotionCapture and check if the operation is in progress without any errors, as shown below.

      "commandId": "988d71275d4d34a70cce0f55b6dd8e7c",
      "commandStatus": "working"

      1. After approximately 15 to 30 seconds of motion capture, the connected socket returns the following response

        "videoFileKey": "video-c9f672cae755.mov",
        "motionFileKey": "motion-c9f672cae755.json",
        "userId": "sunho+test09@plask.ai",
        "createdAt": "2022-06-17T06:20:50.829Z",
        "elapsedSec": 18.713,
        "details": {
        "isMultiPerson": false,
        "videoFrames": 164,
        "videoLengthSec": 5.113333
        "isError": "false",
        "error": ""

      2. Sends message to the GetMotionFileDownloadUrl using the “motionFileKey” value of step 4 response to return the download URL and download the motion file.