1. Tips & Tricks

How to import your model to Plask with Maya

Import your model from Maya with these easy steps:

image 3

1. Bones, Mesh, Skin Weights

Character model files that can be imported into Plask must have Skinned Meshes.

The file you want to import must contain Bone, Mesh, and Skin.

Check the option to include skin when exporting to FBX or GLB.


image 4

2. T-pose

In Plask, retargeting is based on the T-pose.

The closer your model's setting is to the T-pose, retargeting will be more accurate.

By the way, the Rotation value doesn't have to be 0.

As long as your character is in a T-pose, that's fine.


image 5

3. Bone name for Auto retargeting
Plask automatically supports retargeting for specific bone names.

Of course, you can assign the bones manually, but if you name the bones in advance, they will automatically retarget when you import your character into Plask.

When retargeting, it is better to leave it as "None" for areas that are not needed.


image 6