Preparing File

Upload a video file and extract the motions to use for your animated character.

In this step, upload a video file and extract the motions to use for animated character.

Model condition

  • A model can be imported only when it has a skeletal mesh with both mesh and bone.
  • For automatic retargeting, a bone name similar to the image is recommended.

    Source bone information
  • It is recommended to load a model with T-Pose.
  • The root bone should be named "Armature".
  • Supported video formats: glb, fbx

File import

Select the 3d model file to click the "+" button or just drag it down to the library panel.

File Explorer

Directory & File

  • Manage files with directories under "Search box". You can create, select, move, copy, paste, and delete file if you need.

    Search box

  • Insert the keyword into the "search box" to find the directory.

Click to select a file

Default state

Selected state

  • Edit file using keyboard shortcut below.


  • Delete : delete

  • Edit name : F2


  • Delete : command + back

  • Edit name : F2