How can you view and modify keyframes on your Timeline?

View and modify any keyframe right in Plask’s Timeline.

When Plask stores your motion data, it is stored frame by frame to make viewing and modifying simple and precise.

To view and modify your keyframes, use the following shortcuts:

To Edit

After transforming the selected object in the viewport, save it as a keyframe in the following way:

  1. Click the Add Keyframe button on the middle bar.
  2. Press K
  3. Right click on the Viewport and select Insert keyframe.

To select

Click or drag a keyframe on the timeline

To Drag

Drag the selected keyframe to move it.

To Delete one Keyframe

Right click on a keyframe in the Timeline and select “Delete Keyframe.” Or use the following shortcuts:

  • Windows: Press delete or Ctrl+A+D.
  • Mac: Press cmd+Backspace or cmd+A+D.

To Copy & Paste One Keyframe

  • Windows: Ctrl+C → Ctrl+V
  • Mac: cmd+C → cmd+V