How can you export your animation with Plask?

Export your animation files in different formats using the Plask software

After you’ve customized your animation, you can export your files in FBX, GLB or BVH formats. To export a model, it must be visualized.

To export your completed file:

  1. Right click and select the saved motion you wish to export.
  2. Select the correct motion in the modal. PLEASE NOTE: You can select one of the motions, include all motions, or no motions.
  3. Select either fbx, glb or bvh in the modal as your file format for export.
  4. Click “Export.”

After clicking “Export” your file will download. Check your file in a program that is compatible with your file format (e.g. 3ds max, Maya, Unreal engine, Unity, Blender).