Can I upload my own 3D model?


3D models must meet the following requirements to be used in Plask:

  • Supported formats: FBX, GLB
  • The file name must be in English letters.
  • A model can be imported only when it has a skeletal mesh with both mesh and bone.
  • The root bone should be named "Armature".
  • It is recommended to bring only bones that can be matched with the source bone
  • It is recommended to load a model with T-Pose.
Plask motion capture is extracted based on 24 source bones.

  1. rightShoulder
  2. rightArm
  3. RightForeArm
  4. rightHand
  5. rightHandIndex1
  6. leftShoulder
  7. leftArm
  8. leftForeArm
  9. leftHand
  10. leftHandIndex1
  11. Head
  12. Neck
  13. Spine2
  14. Spine1
  15. Spine
  16. Hips
  17. rightUpLeg
  18. rightLeg
  19. rightFoot
  20. rightToeBase
  21. leftUpLeg
  22. leftLeg
  23. leftFoot
  24. leftToeBase
You can setup more bones in in your character, but only 24 bones will be handled for retargeting animation. If extra bones are not related with the applied animation, you can add how many more bones you want.(ex extra finger bones, bones for accessories)